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Dancing in the storm: Supporting students and ourselves during a global pandemic

Teaching and caring for youth, and our own wellbeing during a global pandemic has been an arduous journey of learning on go, improvising, and adapting to changing circumstances. It has not been without its costs, including confronting health risks, loss and grief, burnout, and helplessness. Now, nearing the two-year point, we will discuss these impacts, including the prominent role of technology, digital media, and remote education, and its impact on the educators and the front line education staff.

Applying to Clinical Psychology : Building a Strong Application with Diverse Abilities, Backgrounds, and Non-Traditional Pathways

Applying to Clinical Psychology can be a confusing and challenging process. Join Dr. Saeid and a panel of psychologists from across Canada as we break down the process and discuss what it takes to be an outstanding applicant at each application step. We will also discuss the challenges and tips to help students applying from non-traditional pathways (second degree or career) and those with diverse backgrounds, including indigenous applicants and underrepresented minorities in psychology.

University Readiness: Academic and Life Skills for Success

The transition from high school to university can be an anxious time for students and parents alike. Join us for a free parent webinar where we’ll go over strategies to help you and your teen.

Getting Ready for Post Secondary: Tips and Strategies for a Successful Start to your Studies

Join us for a workshop on important information and tips for graduating students as they get ready for College or University. Dr. Saeid Chavoshi and his colleagues from the school board psychology department present the workshop.

Clinical Pathways: Exploring Your Options in the Mental Health Professions After Graduating with your Undergraduate Degree

Dr. Saeid Chavoshi explores different career options in the mental health professions in Ontario, joined by a panel of professionals. Panel Speakers include Psychologists, Registered Psychotherapists, Social Work, and Psychometrist professionals.  Hosted By: York University Calumet College.

Taking care of ourselves and our students: Grief, Big Emotions, and Self-care in the time of the Pandemic

In this professional development workshop for secondary school board teachers, Dr. Saeid Chavoshi and his colleague Dr. Ed Roldan from the psychology department, discuss some of the psychological ramifications of the many losses we all continue to experience as part of the pandemic, including understanding and recognizing grief, using emotion coaching techniques to help our students with turbulent emotions, and building on our own resilience through engaging in self-care

Psychological Resilience and HS

Dr. Saeid discusses coping behaviours that can help foster resilience when managing a chronic health condition such as HS during a pandemic.

Getting Ready for Post-Secondary

Dr. Saeid Chavoshi and his colleagues from the psychology department present important information and tips for graduating Grade 12 students as they get ready for the transition to postsecondary education

Events Prior to 2020 have been archived, please contact Dr. Saeid if looking for slides or information from a specific event.

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